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The Yaoi Clair Bible

- For all your Slayers yaoi needs -

The Yaoi Clair Bible - A Slayers Yaoi Repository
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I noticed that there wasn't much in the way of Slayers Yaoi communities here on LJ, so I made one.

This is the place for all Slayers yaoi, no matter the pairing, rating or subject, both fanfiction and fanart. And whatever else you can concive as yaoi, be it cosplay pictures, screencap captions, poetry or something else.

1.} No flaming other members for their opinions/taste in pairings/ other such things. Treat each other with respect. The mod has little patience for flamers and trolls.

1b.} No bashing characters/pairings. Taste differs from person to person, but it's nothing to get worked up over. On the same note, no bashing het pairings. It's OK not to like het, but please no attacks at them. Feel free to say that you don't like a pairing, just don't go "Thisx this sucks and if you like that, you suck too!!!"

2.}Put fics, art and long post under a LJ cut to avoid cluttering up people's friends lists and such. This is especially important with NC-17 posts. Also, please put "ART:" or "FIC:" in the subject line to make things easier to find. Tags should be "fic" or "art", " whatever the pairing is", "name of the author/artist" and "The rating of the piece".

2b.} Please use this format for art and fics.


Parts in italics are fic only. So a sample post would look like this:

(Ignore the random info, this is just a sample...)

Title: A Fic of Some Sort
Author: ashkaztra
Part: 1/?
Disclaimer: *insert standard disclaimer here*
Warnings: Yaoi and stuff...
Rating: R-ish.
Summary: The gang is on a trip and stuff happens.
Pairing(s): This x That

< LJ cut goes here, before the actual fic... >

And tags would be "fic", "This x That", "Shaded Mazoku", "R".

3.} Please keep advertising to a minimum, hm? Especially off topic advertising. RPs and related communities is OK, but preferringly just one ad per week.

4.} Try to keep posts on topic. Some off topic-ness is allowed, and even expected, but don't stray too far from the community theme, please. We're here to share and discuss Slayers yaoi.

5.} Please, try to spell properly and use decent grammar. NO tyPIng LiKE thIS, and using chat speak. Not only is it rather annoying, but the mod is not a native speaker of English and can't understand all that is written if the chat speak and bad spelling/grammar take over. Of course, everyone has occasional typos, and not everyone is equally fluent in English. Just try to avoid the most obvious chat speak/slang.

Other than that, come on in and share the yaoi. This is a place intended for fun, so don't worry too much about the rules, they're not too strictly enforced.

Mod contact info:
LJ: ashkaztra
Email: Hotmail or Gmail.
AIM: MadnessInfused.
MSN: herukatto AT hotmail DOT com.
Y!M: evil_sailor_cepheus

Layout made with scans from Dark Roses, used with permission.